NetLease Customer Reviews Say it All - G2 Summer 2023

Thanks to feedback from our great customers, Netgain once again achieved outstanding results in G2’s report. This Summer, NetLease earned the Leader badge in lease accounting, along with many other awards including:

      1. Best Results
      2. Best Relationship
      3. Momentum Leader
      4. Best Usability
      5. Easiest to Use
      6. Highest User Adoption
      7. AND MORE!

Key Takeaways

  • NetLease is the ERP-agnostic software accountants need to manage leases in-house with easy modifications, decreases in scope, ROU impairments, lease balance roll-forward and waterfall reporting.
  • Accountants are choosing NetLease over other software because of its technical functionalities, knowledgable implementation team, and ease of use.
  • Choosing a lease accounting software doesn't have to be a guessing game. You can try out NetLease for free on three of your leases.

What Can You Do With NetLease?

We work hard to make accountants’ lives easier with top-tier software that automates and simplifies the entire lease accounting process. With easy modifications, ROU impairment testing, automated disclosures, lease balance roll-forward and waterfall reporting, NetLease is a one-stop shop for ASC 842 and GAAP compliance.

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Why choose NetLease over other lease accounting software?

We know accounting

NetLease is built-for and built-by accountants. We have over 45 CPAs on staff building, improving and implementing our products. They have been in our customers' shoes and understand the pain points and desired functionalities in accounting software.

When asked why choose NetLease, Ashley B. said, “Incredible customer service from pre to post-implementation. The staff was very knowledgeable about the complexity of ASC 842 and general accounting. The reporting section and help center are user-friendly and informative. This has been a huge time saver and helpful for our team, auditors and investors.”

We have a product directly embedded in NetSuite

There are two versions of NetLease – one is embedded directly in NetSuite, and one can be used with any ERP. Our product in NetSuite specifically is powerful because compliance and automation are built into your core financial system so journal entries can be booked right into the general ledger.

Meghan P. said, “NetLease is so tightly integrated to NetSuite, it looks like it IS NetSuite. Creating new leases and posting the monthly amortization entries couldn't be easier.”

We are technical

Lease accounting can be complicated, and other products can’t handle the many nuances companies face. Our staff and our software doesn’t stop at the easy stuff. We dive deep with our clients to make sure their technical questions and needs are answered.

Tomasz S. said, “We are a rapidly growing hospitality company that recently went through an IPO process. We have a portfolio of over 100 leases and we needed an integrated solution that would help us both comply with reporting requirements under IFRS as well as provide insights and data for managerial purposes.

Many of our leases are complicated (extension options, asset purchase options, lease modifications, leases denominated in a foreign currency, etc.) and keeping track of them in an Excel spreadsheet was a huge challenge and a significant audit risk. Netlease helps us gather financial and non-financial data in a single place (including customized fields where we can add information about properties, security deposits, exit clauses, and corporate guarantees issued to sign the lease). The system is fully integrated with Netsuite and posting journals has become intuitive and automated. The implementation team has been very helpful with particular cases and testing technical accounting with us before we went live.”

Even if it’s technical, NetLease makes it easy

ASC 842 doesn’t have to be complicated. Our software takes the tedious and complicated reconciliations and simplifies the process to save you time and reduce error.

Colin E. said, “Before implementing NetLease, we manually reconciled our lease liabilities for 21 leases each month, which could take a half day for our staff. Now, we press one button and have most of the work done instantly. The team that helped with our implementation was incredible. They were so patient with any questions or problems we would run into and were very responsive to any emails we sent.”

Why do our customers highly recommend NetLease?

Who better to tell you why you should use NetLease than our customers? If the testimonials above piqued your curiosity, then maybe knowing you can try NetLease for free with 3 leases will help you make your decision.

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Here are even more testimonials from our customers on G2 recommending NetLease by Netgain:

Corey G, Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting

Enterprise (>1000 emp.)

"NetLease was very intuitive to set up and is very well integrated with our NetSuite software!"

What do you like best about NetLease by Netgain?

"The folks at Netgain were very helpful in setting up our environment. They had a great mix of technical accounting knowledge as well as intricate knowledge of their system and how to approach various nuances of leases. The integration into NetSuite is also a plus for us as we can capture Lease information directly from invoice entry in A/P.”


Cat A, Accounting Consultant

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

"Very helpful and knowledgeable implementation team!"

What do you like best about NetLease by Netgain?

"The lease management portal in NetSuite is very easy to navigate. It very clearly lays out all of your current leases with all of the relevant information you would need for month-end reporting, audits, forecasting, etc. The implementation team was great to work with! Clearly presented all of the information they would need to input into the system and new accounts that needed to be added. They were very responsive over emails and calls, and were understanding of delays on our end. We had no issues when we went live due to their diligence during implementation and UAT in Sandbox.”


Sam D, Staff Accountant

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

"Easy to Use"

What do you like best about NetLease by Netgain?

"The accuracy and ease of use is the best. Multiple JEs are run at the same time for each lease (amortization and ST/LT Reclass). We used to keep track of our rent leveling by excel spreadsheet and we were so pleased to see that 90% of our leases were accurate to the penny and for the rest we were able to determine the variances between our sheet and the system and it was usually due to us using a slightly different start date in the sheet.”

How can you try NetLease for FREE? 

Ready to give NetLease a try? Head to our website to sign up for free. You can feel out 3 free leases and see for yourself why NetLease is a good fit for your company.

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Bottom Line

We appreciate our clients for their valuable reviews. The G2 badges we've earned serve as a resounding affirmation of our commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that drive success and empower accountants worldwide. See all of our G2 reviews HERE.



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